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Why RL&T?

We at RL&T have a mission to help Business by providing best infrastructure and Technologies at fraction of cost available in the Industry


Starting point for building Business Infra

Mobile Apps

Economical Mobile Apps that don't dig a hole in your Pocket

Business Process

Proven Digital Business Processes for easy workflow

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Buy Yourself a Domain to Start your Digital Journey

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Launch your website to showcase your Business and Services

Mobile Apps

Continue Growing with kick Ass Mobile Apps



Economic in House Domain Purchase Mechanism for Secure Total Control

Web Hosting

Unlimited Web Hosting without any restriction so your websites and apps can perform

Websites & Mobile Applications

Most Economic Websites and Mobile Apps Suitable for Startups

Research & Developement

Research of Developement of New Technologies Under Java + Python Labs so Your Business won't left Behind

Business Process Management

Take Command of your Production and leave IT Scaling to us


Custom Build Softwares for Management & Logistics