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Welcome to Rathore Labs

We at Rathore Labs & Technology believes Customer Satisfication and User Experience is the key to success. In our opinion Underlining technology is optional User Experience is final. Our Inspiration...

Rookie Programmer and Zen Master Story

Rookie Programmer asked Zen Master, What should an Idel User Interface. Zen Master replied you don't need Instructions for Ideal Interface. 1 month back rookie programmer return to temple and said to master " I got fired from my job because I refuse to write instruction for my ideal interface', Zen Master replied 'You are not paying attention rookie Programmer, I said You don't need Instruction, I never said you should not write Instructions Secondly Let the User Decide if interface is ideal. Rookie Programmer 'Well said Zen Master can i stay here for some while and try to attain Wisdom'. Zen master replied 'you have realised your mistake and dropped your arrogance you are no longer Rookie Programmer. From today itself we won't call you Rookie Programmer'.'Go and grab the Unix Box from store and your Destiny will find you'.

Lesson Learnt:
1. Interface should be like that you don't have explain anything to User.
2. User Opinion is the deciding factor.

Rookie programmer is now our Wisdom Partner and now Known as Dr. Wisdom.